Kukstis Woodcarving’s specialty, Quarterboards are inspired by sailing ships from New England’s rich maritime history and are frequently found along the coast of New England. Antique hand-carved boards salvaged from historic sailing ships are highly prized and cherished antiques. The idea of gracing your home with a beautiful gilded board emblazoned with your family name evolved from this tradition, resulting in the Quarterboards of today. Cape Cod custom has dictated for hundreds of years that signs salvaged from ships be placed on the front of a barns with the ships’ figureheads placed over the door. With a sign from Kukstis Woodcarving, you too can honor this New England tradition. I craft these Quarterboards in various sizes, colors, and styles to suit your exact desires and specifications. I personally hand carve and sign each quarterboard from select pine or mahogany stock, using top quality oil paints and genuine imported 23k gold leaf finish to complete each order. Following is a small sample of my portfolio. Would you like to follow the tradition? Email me with your thoughts and ideas and I will promptly respond with a quote.