Business & Civic Signs

“With halting steps I paced the streets, and passed the sign of ‘The Crossed Harpoons’ – but it looked too expensive and jolly there. Further on, from the bright-red windows of the ‘Sword-Fish Inn,’ there came such fervent rays, that it seemed to have melted the packed snow and ice from before the house”Moby-Dick – Herman Melville Looking for a classic, hand-carved sign for your shop, business, office? Something for your town? Kukstis Woodcarving has crafted work for businesses and towns throughout the country. American history has long cherished the tavern and shop sign, hand-carved, gilded, hanging for ages over the doors of businesses large and small, in a tradition that dates back to Ancient Rome, where signs would have no words, simply a picture of what was being sold. Think to Benjamin Franklin’s famous story of “The Hat-maker’s Sign.” The earliest form of branding, engage your business in this ages old tradition with a shop sign in the New England style. You are sure to receive numerous compliments. Here you will find a sample of some of this work: Custom, hand-carved signs, made to order. Send me an Email with your thoughts and ideas and I will promptly respond with a quote.