Santa’s Workshop

A few of the many pieces I am  working on this holiday season…..

a quarterboard that has been sitting around far too long
one of four Bellamy eagles
the Delaware Beach project
a very long and whimsical phrase

Delaware Beach House Sign

design sketched out on the board

This commission is for a client who has a beach house on the shores of Delaware. It will depict the beach at sunrise with sailboat passing by, and a dove flying above. The letters will be carved as will the beach scene.

Great Rissington

the gilded pheasant
the gilded pheasant
burning details into the pheasant
burning details into the pheasant





sizing it up
base coats finished
navy blue background color
closeup of the pheasant head
mostly carved pheasant

I have been commissioned to create a sign for a client in North Carolina. It will be going to a  beautiful old English house and estate that dates back to the Domesday Book in 1086 located in the Cotswold where they shoot Pheasant. 

An oval shaped sign, it will have a gilded Pheasant in the center, carved from a separate piece and appliquéd to the finish board. Following are images of the work in progress.

gr 8
lettering complete
gr 1
gluing up the boards
gr 2
clamping up
gr 3
getting the pattern to the board

gr 7 gr 6 gr 5 gr 4

Mariner’s Cross

mariner cross minis
smaller versions of the cross
mariner cross1
installed at St Luke’s, Scituate Ma
mariner cross2
happy parishioners at St Luke’s who helped with the installation

I was commissioned by St Luke’s Church in Scituate to replicate an existing Mariner’s Cross for their new entrance.






mariner cross0
cross nearing completion in the studio


The Humarock Turtle

31A4turtle 100414





A customer fell in love with a cartoon turtle from some big movie and they want a carving of it to hang on their house. So this is the makings of a giant turtle.

Stay tuned for more installments.

turlte 101114a
close to the end of carving
turlte 101114b
ready for the paint room
turlte 101414
the painting starts


turlte 101414a
first coat of primer finished
ready to be installed