About Me

“Carve Diem” – The Artist’s Story

I began carving in 1981, the year my wife and I migrated from Boston to Scituate, a picturesque seaside town just 25 miles southeast of the city. I was taken in not only by the natural scenery but also by the wood-carved signs that decorate many of the local homes and businesses. I began studying the art under a local carver, and I soon completed a quarterboard for our home,  which was followed by several for our friends and family. As the years passed and as our family grew up, my interest in carving grew into a passion. In 2002 I accepted my first commercial commission. A few signs led to many, and what started as a hobby become a full-time occupation, and now I spend my days  outside of the home at my studio and gallery, located in the heart of Scituate Harbor.